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Welcome To the Southern Sierras!!

Welcome to our homepage. We are the Southern Sierra Climbers Association. Our club is a grass
roots organization of locals dedicated to access, preservation, and education for everyone who
wishes to learn about issues affecting our climbing past present and future in the Southern
Sierra. We do service projects (clean-ups, trailwork, rebolting and Falcon Study assistence), we
climb, and always have a good time around the campfire afterwards. With a little help from
people like YOU, this website can be a tool used by all viewers to fulfill the goal we all share in
common…to do more climbing!!!! Take a look around, and give us a shout…let us know you’re
interested in connecting with the Southern Sierra climbing community.

The theme of this website will be one of building a larger and more cohesive group of Sierra
climbers through greater communication and sharing of the beautiful Sierra experience.

The SSCA is committed to:

Securing and maintaining access to climbing areas in the Southern Sierra.
Promoting the stewardship of climbing resources.
Fostering safe and environmentally sound climbing ethics.
Unifying climbers into an effective, responsible and service oriented community.
Collaborating with local, state and national climbing organizations to promote the
interests of all climbers.
Maintaining a positive image of climbers.
Being a social club that organizes group climbing, skill clinics and other interactive

Upcoming SSCA Events and Locations for 2008

February 9/10, 2008- Alabama Hills, Hosts: Patrick Paul and Kenny Stroub
April 26-27– Owens Ridge, Host: Jim Schrodt
May 24-25 —Bart Dome, Host: Daniel Moor
June- Todd Gordon Slideshow—
Hosts: all board members participate, annual meeting, fundraiser, membership drive.
July 12-13—Buck Rock, Host: Patrick Paul
August 2-3—The Balls, Host: Matt Schutz
September 13-14 —Kings Canyon, Host: Eric McGee
October 18- (or exact date of full moon) Tollhouse (Face-off) Host: Ken Stroub
November 8-9—New Jack City, Host Patrick Paul

Todd Gordon to do June Show – Rad, Trad, and what a tick list!

One of Joshua Tree’s most prolific new route activists has to be Todd Gordon. For years, Gordon held the record for
most climbs put up in the Park, but in recent years, new-route masters Al Bartlett and Tucker Tech have dethroned him.
Now he sits solidly in the number three position.
Gordon is probably most well known as the proprietor of the internationally known (now defunct) Gordon Ranch, a
climber’s refuge which sheltered climbers for over a decade. Todd first climbed in 1972 and started climbing at Joshua
Tree in 1976. Coming on the scene at the tail end of the Stone Master era, he and his small group of friends started
systematically ticking off routes. His curious nature led to a long string of ascents and first ascents that continues to this
day. Most of them are safe with either decent natural pro or adequate bolts. All of his first ascents were put up on lead,
and with only a few exceptions, all were done without inspection or power drills. Gordon was the first climber to climb
over 100 routes in a day, and held the record for a while until the hungry Charles Cole ticked 119.
He’s also climbed extensively in the southwest desert, and is very close to climbing his 100th desert spire. His dedication
to adventure and climbing has given him many wonderful experiences, and includes many trips exploring most major
climbing areas in the US, and excursions to Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. He has climbed over 3400
routes in Joshua Tree.
Gordon recently married Andrea Tomaszewski, another climber and adventuresome soul, so the future looks full of more
adventures. He presently teaches in Yucca Valley, still lives at the now closed Ranch, and enjoys mountain biking and
music.. (bio and photo from The SSCA slideshow will be held in June (exact date to be announced) and
this promises to be one of the most interesting and entertaining shows we’ve had with lots of surpises.

February 11-12 event at Alabama Hills will be different

Although the weather is always a mitigating factor, this year’s Alabama Hills event offers great adventure for all those who
come out to brave the elements. Not only will the climbing be interesting and fun, there will be the extra benefit of being
able to win some cool shwagg. This event will be the first SSCA event that features a game/contest that we will call: Bike
and Boulder Poker. Here’s the game-
Each participant will chip in with ten dollars. Each participant will then receive a map with GPS coordinates that lead to a
series of seven climbs or boulder problems. Each participant then rides, walks, or drives to each of the seven climbs on
the map. After climbing to the top of each formation the climber will be able to select and retain for later, a playing card
sealed in an envelope. At the end of the day, around the campfire, each participant will open all seven of his or her playing
cards and make the best five card poker hand. The winner will receive half the Kitty (the SSCA gets the other half) and a
nice prize. There will also be a prize for the person who uses only a GPS unit to find the problems, the person who finds
and climbs all seven problems the fastest, and for the person who climbs all seven problems in the laziest way possible.
Bring your mountain bike, climbing gear, GPS device, and your best poker face. Don’t have any of those, come anyway
and have fun anyway. This game can be played without any of these things.